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This all sounds great and just what my business needs,

but how much is it going to cost?

This is the great question which all business owners will ask straight away, so here's a guide for what you can expect from ak Digital Marketing.


Most agencies are very cloak and dagger about their pricing, but we feel honesty is the best policy!

Our hourly rate is £50, however we strive to ensure the most cost effective options for all our clients and the following three set ups are most popular:

Day rate: charged on a full (8hrs) or half-day (4hrs) rate, this is suitable for smaller, one-off projects and includes a discount from the hourly rate.

Project rate: this may be work spread over several days or weeks to deliver a larger project, and will be quoted in advance as an estimate of the total hours with a discount from the hourly rate.

Retainer: if you have a larger project which you want to spread over several months or if you want an ongoing service having us on hand as much as you need (e.g. website management, digital design and social media delivery), then this is the most cost effective option. Retainers are charged on a month to month basis, with a slightly larger discount applied. We can be flexible on the hours needed each month and work around what you business needs.

Book a free consultation today and we can give you an estimate!

As a rule of thumb, your marketing budget should be between 18 to 25% of your turnover and increase according to where you aim to grow your business to

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